Chad Louwerse

Bass - Baritone 

Greetings and welcome! Thanks for dropping by!

This is the internet home for my work as a singer of opera, oratorio and art song. You'll find my bio, repertoire listspics, information about upcoming performances, as well as audio and video clips, as they are available, via the menus. However, my hope is that this site will develop to be a little more personal than that over time, hence the twitter feed here.  Give me a follow.

I take singing very personally and so I want this website to reflect that.  I want it to express a little of who I am.  

So, in the future you'll see tweets and blog posts about the work I'm doing and things I care about. You'll see links to the webpages of some of the wonderful organizations and colleagues with whom I have the privilege of working. You'll find information about teaching, and sometimes, depending on how hungry I am when writing, about sushi. I really do love sushi - especially when I sing on the West Coast.

So, have a look around. Get acquainted.  If you'd like to get in touch with me personally, please make your way to the contact page.

Many thanks!  Ci vediamo!






I Tweet... ...increasingly.