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Doctoral Recital #2
8:00 PM20:00

Doctoral Recital #2

This second recital is about the journey of our lives. And, in honour of the 150th anniversary of Canada's confederation, it piggybacks this metaphorical journey on that of explorers and settlers coming to North America from England and France for the first time.

I explore questions like these in this recital: What made them leave their homes for the unknown and for adventure? What challenges did they face? What did they see when they reached their destination and what happened at the end of their travels? Was a new journey awaiting them at the end of the first? And, in the same way, I ask these same questions about our lives and our time.

Also worth mentioning is that most of the music for this concert was written by Canadian composers, something I thought appropriate given the occasion.

Here's the program:

Sea Fever                                                               
Hidden Treasure                                 
Sea Fever                                                           
Toll the Bell                            
Sea Dirge                                        

Three Salt Water Ballads                
Port of Many Ships                                                                                       
Trade Winds
Mother Carey

🍁Three Traditional French-Canadian Songs
La plainte des coureurs-des-bois
Rossignol du vert bocage                                                                                    
Le navire de Bayonne

🍁Selections from South of North              
Wilderness on Centre Island                                                                          
Northern River Falls
Congregation at the Shoreline

🍁Two French Songs For Baritone
Violon de villanelle                                                                                         
Soir d’hiver

🍁A Clear Midnight                                                           
🍁Saturday and Sunday                                               
Sure on this Shining Night       

Admission is free.  I hope you can come!                               

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Doctoral Recital #1
8:00 PM20:00

Doctoral Recital #1

Bach Ich habe genug  - I Have Enough BVW 82
Violin I - Anita Louwerse
Violin II - Nick Carlucci
Viola - Jeff Komar
Cello - Patrick Theriault
Oboe - Joel Heinbuch
Harpsichord - Melanie Cancade

Brahms Vier ernste Gesänge - Four Serious Songs Op. 121
Piano - Melanie Cancade

P.D.Q. Bach Four Next-To-Last Songs S. Ω-1
Piano - Melanie Cancade


The repertoire of this recital is music that I've always wanted to sing. I've never had the opportunity to sing them and, admittedly, didn't really feel ready to do so until now. They are each challenging in their own way and I'm delighted to present them to you. 

The Bach is one of two cantatas Bach wrote for the bass voice. It illustrates Simeon's reaction to seeing the baby Jesus in the temple in Jerusalem. It's full of hope, longing, and joy. I'm delighted to present this cantata to you with the help of a small string ensemble and harpsichord. Hearing Bach with a small chamber "orchestra" like this is a real pleasure and amplifies the impact of Bach's beautiful writing.

The Brahms cycle of four songs is based on the books of Ecclesiastes, Second Corinthians, and the extra-biblical book of Ecclesiasticus. The first two songs consider the state of humankind and reflect on the injustice we inflict on one another. The third compares the bitterness and boon of death. The last song changes tone as though Brahms were providing his own answer to these three problems: if we don't have love, we're nothing and have nothing.

The PDQ Bach songs are just plain funny and are a loving, though hilarious, parody of the German art music genre. I heard these on a recording some time ago and wrote to the composer asking to purchase the music, which wasn't available at the time. I'm so happy he agreed and am really excited to share them with you.

This is a free concert and I hope many of you can come!



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